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TBC/XBC Series Standard Cylinder
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TBC/XBC Series Standard Cylinder

TBC/XBC Series Standard Cylinder

Catalogue de produit
  • TBC/XBC series pneumatic cylinder, bore size ranges from 32mm to 60mm. Moulds of cyliner front and rear cover are newly designed with better performance, and the anti-dust seal change from ORA structure(NBR material) to EU structure(TPU material), more abrasive, better dust protection, longer life. The standard pneumatic cylinder takes stronger self-lubricated bronze bearing, with much better lateral loading performance, and the special air cushion design makes the standard pneumatic cylinder more stable, long life. Available with different kinds of cylinder mountings, and optional with TBC type tie-rod pneumatic cylinder and XBC type mickey mouse pneumatic cylinder.
Model NO.:
     ·Moulds of cyliner front/ rear cover newly designed with better performance
     ·EU structure(TPU material) for anti-dust seal , more abrasive, longer life
     ·Self-lubricated bronze bearing, much better  lateral loading performance
     ·Special air cushion design, stronger and more stable

Supply Chain:
      ·Japan or Taiwan area seal
      ·Germany Grease
      ·Strong alumium material