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SF Series ISO21287 Compact Cylinder
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SF Series ISO21287 Compact Cylinder

SF Series ISO21287 Compact Cylinder

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  • SF series ISO21287 standard compact pneumatic cylinder, bore size ranges from 20-100mm. Stronger self-lubricating bronze bearings gives high guiding performance and concentricity for the compact cylinder, while piston rod and rod connection is designed with rotary riveting structure, ensuring high concentricity, smooth running and low starting pressure. The compact cylinder is designed with slots for magnetic switches in 4 sides, while various mountings are available. Rear cap and cylinder body are riveted together with superior assembling reliability, while front cap and barrel are connected by buckle for easier maintenance.
Model NO.:
ISO21287 standard, while "T" sizes in dimension drawing same as ISO15552 standard
Compact structure, 50% space saving comparing to ISO15552 standard pneumatic cylinder
Both ends have cushion gasket, reversing smoothly, less impact and mechanical damage
Piston rod and rod connection is rotary riveted, high concentricity

   ·Rear cover and body are riveted together, reliable
   ·Various mountings optional, from bore 32-100mm same as FVBC/VBC
   ·Magnetic sensor grooves in 4 sides of the cylinder, both HX-07 and HX-31 sensor switch suitable

Supply Chain:
Japan or Taiwan area seal
    ·Germany Grease
    ·Strong alumium material